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“BIONATORNIC” What are natural, biodegradable, and organic formulas?


Sustaining life is becoming more and more popular, speeding with every passing moment. The changing dynamics and the uncertainty of the world have forced people to be more conscious about their choices. So what are today’s consumers expecting?

The most commonly sought after terms these days are NATURAL, ORGANIC, and BIODEGRADABLE. Let’s try to understand each of these terms.


As the word itself describes, natural is anything that is sourced from nature, it includes those ingredients that are derived from plants, flowers, minerals, in nature, and do not comprise any genetically modified components are free from harmful substances, lack petrochemicals, etc. These are products that are generally not tested on animals and their manufacturing retains the integrity of the natural ingredients.

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Often confused with the term natural, this is another coveted word in today’s demanding market. All over the developed nations of the USA, UK, Australia, certified organic has more or less the same meaning. It basically implies that the a product or ingredient when classified as “organic”, means that it has come from a farming system, which does not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, is devoid of synthetic colours, preservatives, chemicals like parabens, sulphates, the land from where it originated has no or limited antibiotic usage, has not been subjected to growth regulators, etc. This is a more regulated term.

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A term which most of us have been familiar with since our school days, biodegradable products are those that can be broken down by living organisms, especially bacteria and fungi into natural elements like carbon dioxide and water, that are released into the environment and are not harmful.


How nice would it be to have products, be it foodstuffs, personal care, and home care products or cosmetics, that are biodegradable, natural, and organic, all at the same time? You may say these products are, “BIONATORNIC”. Well, this is just a term coined by us to give you a feel of the type of products in demand. As mentioned earlier, the ever-changing global scenario has affected people’s buying and living mindset and has created “green consumers”.

These consumers choose the products, bearing one or all of the above three properties since these will be more eco-friendly, and green. Green products are the ones that can be improving as per ecological standards and satisfy the customer expectations, obtaining several advantages such as reducing the use of raw material and packaging, using recycled materials, reducing the accelerated use of natural resources, making products safer for health and less toxic for the environment, increasing the lifetime of the products, developing reusable products or packaging, etc.

– Saili Dixit (Microbiologist)

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