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Egg treatment for Hair

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Hair – the lustrous addtion to our beauty

Hair is our very own asset to beautify ourselves.
Needing much care and attention, this bundle of joy, can make or break your first impression.

Comprising various steps to be taken, to maintain a healthy set of tresses, hair care routines commonly involve use of natural, home-made ingredients as a remedy, in addition to using synthetic, chemical treatments available in the market.

A star element in the hair care category is an “EGG”. Owing to its composition of high protein, egg is one of the most preferred components in all hair care products.

Contributing an array of benefits to the hair, eggs being highly protein-rich, nourish hair, stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair. Eggs also strengthen the hair follicle, and roots thereby, preventing hair breakage and hair loss.

Regular use of eggs in hair care, imparts moisture to hair, provides shine and lustre, and preserves the natural oils present in hair.

The two distinct parts of eggs, have differing constituents and functions.

Egg white is rich in protein, and minerals such as riboflavin, niacin, sodium, potassium, magnesium, all of which augment hair growth. Egg yolk on the other hand is abundant in protein plus folic acid, and B-complex vitamins, which generously supplement the hair with nourishment, and add to the moisturization. Egg can be applied to hair in various formats, the most common being egg masks and egg oil. In addition to these, eggs may be incorporated in the diet by consuming whole eggs or parts of egg directly, or via consuming egg supplements in the form of capsules and tablets. Egg oil is especially known to benefit hair since it can be easily absorbed into the skin and hair. Derived from the egg’s yolk and being rich in cholesterol and triglycerides, it heals dry and damaged skin. Egg oil is also abundant in omega 3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids which maintain normal cell growth. This oil also prevents premature hair loss.

We at NAINLAB, love to innovate and bring to you one of the best natural, and beneficial formulations. Our product, ‘OLEOVA’, is a natural blend of triglycerides, cholesterol, phospholipids, antioxidants, immunoglobulins, biotin, fatty acids including omega 3 and 6. This natural oil is extracted from chicken eggs using modern technology to preserve the bioactive.

Oleova offers the following profits

Permeation enhancement

Cholesterol in Oleova, enhances its permeation in the scalp, which in turn, aids the easy absorption of bioactive.


 The cholesterol coats the hair shaft, imparting it softness and thickness. It absorbs, retains, and preserves moisture to prevent the brittleness of hair.


The antioxidants in Oleova, fight free radicals which are responsible for premature hair greying. These antioxidants also supply oxygen to the scalp and help restore rough and breakable hair. These also help protect against UV damage.


The natural antimicrobial properties of Oleova attributed to the immunoglobulins in it helps combat fungal infections and thus dandruff.

Anti-hair loss and regrowth

Anti Inflammatory agents like biotin and the omega fatty acids in Oleova help to open the hair follicles that promote the growth of healthy hair, and help the hair to grow quicker and stronger.  The various favorable properties of Oleova also serve to be useful in skincare.

Contact NAINLAB for all your innovation and natural component needs.

– Written By

Saili Dixit (Microbiologist)

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