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If you have a question, please review the FAQs section as it may contain the answer. If it does not, kindly use the contact information below to reach out. We will make every effort to respond within one business day, but this may take longer during our busy periods so please bear with us. 
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You can find Nain Lab at 704, The Landmark, on the Service Road in Sector 7, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. The postal code is 410210

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No, we only work with clients on developing original products specific to their brand’s needs and markets. Even in the cases of in-house concept developments it would be highly unlikely that it would fit into a brand’s profile exactly. Keep in mind that something as relatively simple as a change of fragrance to an existing product means it is a new formula, thus subject to every test and regulatory obligation that would be required for a brand-new bespoke formula.

No, we don’t offer free development. Customised development is a complex process done by skilled and qualified cosmetic scientists. Not investing the right resources to create your formulations could impact the final product and your brand. We are committed to deliver the best formulation services which will involve getting high-quality ingredients, following strict measures and processes compliant with different regulations, all of which need some form of investment. We will discuss and agree on all costs before starting any work.

There are several factors to consider, but you should plan for a timeframe ranging from 6 to 9 months from the initial brief to your first production run. This time frame may vary based on your specific project requirements. It’s important to note that this duration is relatively short considering the uniqueness of your product. Every aspect of its creation needs careful consideration and fine-tuning to align perfectly with your brand. We approach this process as an art, using the full spectrum of colours on our palette. You can find more details about our timeline here

Absolutely! We highly encourage direct communication with our cosmetic chemists. Alongside your dedicated customer relationship manager, who will be your primary point of contact for all business-related matters, you’ll also have a cosmetic chemist specifically assigned to your project. This collaboration is pivotal for the future of your brand, and we want you to actively participate in shaping your product. This product is vital for your brand’s future, and we want you to have a say in shaping it

We highly value our clients’ privacy, and they prefer to stay anonymous. Our clients usually include D2C cosmetic brands, start-ups, luxury spas, salons, boutique brands, or specialised businesses in cosmetics and personal care, catering to specific markets. What brings them together is their strong commitment to excellence and their determination to provide top-notch quality

We do general product evaluation of all the products developed at our laboratory to ensure its stability. However if you need detailed product testing, we can connect you with our network of industry connections.

No, if you have your product developed by us, it does not necessarily mean that you will be locked into a manufacturing contract with us. Product development and manufacturing are typically separate phases of bringing a product to market. However, we know that for your brand to grow, you should be able to change manufactures whenever you want.

As our prospect, even before you become our client and lock any project with us, we have Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in place to ensure that any project discussion, even the raw concept remains between you and us. In case you decide to go ahead with some other service provider, we will adhere to the NDA and you can be rest assured that your concept is not shared with anybody. For us, our clients hold prime importance at every stage in our interaction.

Up to 1000 units can be worked on.

We do not offer this full service as of now because it could be a distraction from our core expertise. We are tied up with third-party manufacturers who can help you out. Our team of experts can connect you with top-notch companies, including our partner manufacturers, packaging suppliers, and design agencies, with whom we have established relationships.

Absolutely, we have the capability to develop formulations that align with international market standards. Our dedicated team remains up-to-date on global regulations.

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